Parks And Recreation Or Community Quiz: Who Said It - Andy Dwyer Or Troy Barnes?

Two of televisions most lovable idiots - but who said these iconic lines?

Parks And Recreation/Community Quiz

The history of television is littered with lovable goofs who are almost so stupid it makes you sad. Andrew Dwyer and Troy Barnes fit this description to a tee, being huge emotional cruxes of their respective shows yet probably not understanding what the phrase "emotional crux" even means.

Andy Dwyer truly is comparable to a puppy, in that he wants nothing more than to spread love to everyone around him, but also knows just about nothing more than that. Troy Barnes, despite initially trying to feign the tough-guy jock type, is a sweetheart who wants what's best for those closest to him, even if he doesn't know how most of the world works. While Troy is the only one of the two actively trying to better themselves in the learning department, both of these morons could easily be described as the soul of Parks and Recreation and Community.

With each also easily having some of the funniest quotables from their respective shows, let's see if the true Parks and Community fans can remember which one said the following lines.

1. "I'm Not Crying, I'm Allergic To Jerks."


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