Parks And Recreation Or The Office Quiz: Who Said It - Ron Swanson Or Stanley Hudson?

Which grumpy office worker said it?

Parks and Recreation The Office

The twenty-first century has seen an increased induction of workplace comedies into the television trope. From the iconic 30 Rock and The IT Crowd to the recent fan-favourites Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, workplace sitcoms have become a large part of sitcom television.

We forgot to mention two of the most well-known and equally iconic workplace mockumentaries - The Office and Parks and Recreation. The two NBC comedies are often compared for their various similarities. These legendary sitcoms share the same sitcom gene from the same creators to entirely comparable characters.

Speaking of equivalent characters, the office of Dunder Mifflin and the Parks and Recreation department both share a resident office grumpy in Stanley Hudson and Ron Swanson. Both characters refrain from forming relationships at work, are not interested in anyone else's personal lives and try to do the minimum work possible, with their salaries being the only motivation.

Rigid, brutally honest, and laid-back, their hard-ridden personas only loosened for the love of food. If Ron and Stanley met outside of work, they would hit it off over a glass of scotch and a good meal. Content on working in silence, these two were definitely the more serious-minded characters on their respective shows. See the similarities?

So, here's a quiz for Ron Swanson and Stanley Hudson fans. Can you tell these two grumpy characters apart from these quotes alone?

1. "Life Is Short. Drive Fast And Leave A Sexy Corpse."


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