Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Did It - Ron Swanson Or April Ludgate?

Lots of love and respect in this mentor/student relationship but which one did these things?


The chemistry shared between actors Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation was simply magical. As office based colleagues Ron Swanson and April Ludgate, the pair shared a fascinating to watch mentor/student style relationship and their loyalty and respect in making each other’s lives better was heartwarming.

Their chemistry was so natural and easy to believe in fact that there’s even a popular fan theory going around that Ron Swanson may secretly actually be April Ludgate’s biological father. There’s really not much evidence to go on (April’s mother has all of Duke Silver’s albums and Ron suspiciously knows very quickly where April lives as soon as she quits her job as his assistant, though for the latter he would surely have the ability as a government employee to look up her address easy enough), it’s mostly a theory fuelled by how convincing they were at bouncing off each other with their similarities in personality.

Today's quiz we're asking if it was Ron Swanson or April Ludgate who did these things in Parks And Recreation. You can find the answers at the very end.

1. Once Drove A Lawn Mower Through Nordstrom?


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