Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Ron Swanson Or April Ludgate?

This quiz contains 12 quotes by either April or Ron - all you need to do is identify them all!

Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson April Ludgate

In Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson spotted the ideal person to be his assistant. April Ludgate was cool, weird and didn't care what anyone thought of her. Ron knew that, behind her front of not caring, there was someone who was diligent and loyal.

April's confidence and dislike of people in general meant she had no problem turning away any potential face-to-face meetings that might come Ron's way. With the exception of scheduling all Ron's appointments on one day, April's skills made her perfect for her job.

The trouble for April was she became so good at her job, others started to notice. She began filling in for Leslie and eventually went to work for Chris and also Ben, which would then lead April down a path that would see her work for an organisation that helped people find their dream jobs.

Ron saw the potential in April, and she knew exactly what he needed from an assistant. The question is, do you know as much about the pair as they know about each other?

This quiz contains 12 quotes by either April or Ron, and all you need to do is identify them all. Let's find out if you can score 100% correct!

Answers at the end!

1. I Love Games That Turn People Against Each Other.


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