Parks And Recreation: The Impossible Andy Dwyer Quiz

How much can you remember about all things Andy Dwyer!

Parks And Recreation Andy Dwyer

If you think about it, the only reason that anything actually happens in Parks and Recreation is because Andy Dwyer fell into that damn pit. That’s the catalyst for the whole show. Andy breaking his legs is the event that leads him and his girlfriend Ann Perkins meeting the Parks and Recreation depugy director Leslie Knope, and is directly how Andy meets his eventual future wife April Ludgate.

So it’s accurate to say then that Andy is quite an important character in the show. We follow his journey from a lazy, unmotivated and spoiled boyfriend to his long suffering girlfriend Ann Perkins to responsible husband to April Ludgate, and father to their son by series end.

But how much can you remember all things Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation? Through the countless renamings of his band to the daily activity Andy once forgot to do for five whole weeks.... today we're asking you to recall all the trivia and factoids about the man behind Burt Macklin.

Remember you can find the answers at the end and check your score on this Impossible Andy Dwyer Parks and Recreation quiz.

1. What Is Andy’s Star Sign?


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