Parks And Recreation: The Progressively Harder Leslie Knope Quiz

How much do you know about the lover of all things Pawnee?

Leslie Knope Parks And Recreation

Is Leslie Knope the single greatest female sitcom character that was ever put on television? She certainly has to be up there!

For most of her 126 episodes, she was the overly enthusiastic and relentless in her duty, deputy director of the Pawnee City Department of Parks and Recreation and we enjoyed watching her try to make the city she loves a better place for all her residents.

Do the citizens of Pawnee ever seem grateful? Not particularly but that doesn’t stop Leslie from trying to do the best for them with the limited resources (partly due to her boss Ron Swanson not particularly believing in an active government) at her disposal.

We can all strive to be as hopeful as Leslie Knope in life and every episode she appeared in is an aspirational guide for how to live our lives.

How much do you know about the lover of all things Pawnee? Do you know where Leslie was born or who is number 1 on her celebrity crush list?

Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end.

1. Where Was Leslie Born?


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