Parks And Recreation: The Progressively Harder Tom Haverford Quiz

Can you remember the many ups and downs of Tom's like in Pawnee?

Parks And Recreation Tom Haverford

Tom Haverford clearly believes he has it all. He’s got the looks, the charm, the humour, the ambition and the charisma that he could achieve anything he could ever want in life and you’ll only need to be in his company for a short while before he would let you know of that fact too.

Tom has all the ideas of a serial entrepreneur and the drive to make it happen but perhaps lacks the know-how to go from concept to profit. His Entertainment 720 starts off on a high but quickly goes downhill without a real structured plan, however his other attempt at running a successful venture, Rent-A-Swag, actually feels like it may have some legs to go somewhere.

Behind all the swagger, there was clearly a hidden, deeper side to Tom Haverford who was a good soul and a great friend to his colleagues.

How much attention were you paying to all the 120 episodes of Parks and Recreation that Tom appeared in? Take our quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end. Good luck!

1. What Holiday Did Tom Create With His Co-worker Donna?


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