Parks And Recreation: The Ultimate Who Said It Quiz

Can you work out which Pawnee resident said what? Let's find out!

Parks and Recreation Andy

With the ringing in of 2023, it's crazy to believe that the Parks and Recreation special is now only a few months shy of being three years old! The special became the official 128th episode of one of the most underrated sitcoms of the 2010's.

Made during the height of the first lockdown, the Parks and Recreation special was one of the more fun television reunions, and it actually worked... like, it really worked. The show's creator and work place comedy genius Michael Schur managed to recreate the Pawnee magic despite Parks and Rec being off the air for years. So much so, fans of the series are hoping that the special will pave the way for a whole new season!

We've managed to see the return of Sex and the City with And Just Like That, and the upcoming new season of Frasier, so could the Parks and Recreation special become just the taster of a full blown return?

To celebrate all things Parks and Rec, this quiz will test your knowledge on all the hilarious and wonderful things the cast of characters said. Do you have enough knowledge of Pawnee that you could be a resident, or are you merely an Eagleton in disguise? Let's find out!

Answers at the end!

1. Everything Hurts And I’m Dying.


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