Parks And Recreation Vs Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Leslie Knope Or Jake Peralta?

Can you work out a Leslie Knope quote from something said by Jake Peralta?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation might be set in very different workplaces, but these two powerhoues have a lot in common.

Both created by Michael Schur, B99 and Parks & Rec are both sitcoms that seem to perfectly balance laug- out-loud comedy and moments that pull at the heartstrings.

We see go-getter rule-follower Leslie Knope learn that some rules are meant to be broken in order to do the right thing. Whilst over in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta learns that being a "cool" cop and the "good" cop aren't always the same thing.

By the end of their respective series, Jake and Leslie had taken huge steps in their careers. Leslie realised that she needed to think bigger than City Council, whilst Jake decided that the best career he can ever have is being a stay-at-home dad with his son.

If you're a huge fan of both of these shows, this right here is the perfect quiz for you. All you have to do is prove your Leslie Knope and Jake Peralta knowledge.

Can you work out a Leslie quote from something said by Jake? Do you know who claimed "everything hurts and I'm dying"? Was it Jake or Leslie who declared that everyone likes to be the little spoon?

Let's find out if you have what it takes to get 100% on this ultimate Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. Everything Hurts And I’m Dying.


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