Parks And Recreation Vs. The Office Quiz: Who Said It - Ron Swanson Or Michael Scott?

Are you able to tell these two iconic sitcom managers apart? Let's find out!

Ron Swanson Michael Scott

Michael Scott and Ron Swanson are big presences in their offices. Despite being completely different, they both are able to be inspiring managers for their employees.

For Michael Scott, the office is the place where he gets to hang out with all his friends. Even though Michael isn't the smartest boss you'll encounter, his sales record is unmatched. He may spend most of his time at work making jokes and causing distractions, yet when it is time to say goodbye to Michael, none of his employees wanted him to go.

Ron Swanson has a very different outlook on his job to Michael. Ron is there because he needs to be. Unlike Michael, he is quite happy to be left alone and interact with his staff as little as possible. Though Ron might avoid chatting at all cost, he's always there to offer sound advice and words of wisdom.

Can you tell the difference between a quote from Ron Swanson and Michael Scott? Do you know whether it was Michael or Ron who said the only bad word was "taxes"? Are you able to recall which manager said booze never killed anyone?

Will you prove able to tell these two iconic sitcom managers apart? Let's find out!

1. There’s Only One Thing I Hate More Than Lying: Skim Milk.


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