Parks And Recreation: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps April Ludgate Quotes Quiz

How well do you know Pawnee's most sarcastic resident?

Parks And Recreation April

A sitcom based around the antics of a local government's Parks Department seems like the kind of idea that's doomed to fail - which it almost did after the first season received mixed responses. However, a combination of improved characters, more serialised stories and a heavier focus on political satire gave Parks and Recreation the second change it needed.

From the second season onwards, Parks and Recreation went from strength to strength, providing plenty of iconic lines, heart warming moments and memorable characters. One of these characters being the cynical, sarcastic and deadpan April Ludgate.

April was initially introduced as a jaded intern as the Parks Department who hated her job - and most people for that matter. But over the course of the show's seven season run, April learnt to actually find things she was passionate about, as well as express affection for the people show cared about in her own April-y way of course.

She also provided many hilarious lines as her often unpredictable nature meant she could catch audiences off guard. It also makes recalling those lines a challenge, one that only the biggest Parks and Recreation fans will be up too.

So, if you think you Know April better than her mentor Ron Swanson, see if you can complete these quotes!

1. "Can You ____ Your Life With Better Decisions Jerry?"


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