Parks & Recreation: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

Time to have your mind melted.


Parks and Recreation is without question one of the greatest sitcoms of the last 20 years - a deliciously witty series that is at its core one of the most sweet, hopeful, and optimistic shows on all of television.

And like the very best TV series, Parks and Rec is filled to the brim with brilliantly subtle gags which reward both repeat viewers and those who are really paying attention the first time around.

And so, the vast majority of fans will have missed these 15 details, which have largely been uncovered thanks to the brilliant obsessive fans over at /r/TVDetails and /r/PandR.

Above all else, these ridiculous details are a testament to the insane amount of thought which clearly went into even the most seemingly unimportant visual or line of dialogue.

From absurdly long-term storytelling to ridiculously far-flung callbacks, secret cameos, and Easter eggs you'd likely never spot otherwise, these are the most mental hidden Parks and Rec details you absolutely need to see...


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