Parks & Recreation Quiz: How Well Do You Know Leslie Knope?

Leslie would 100% this quiz, but can you?

Parks and Rec

Although she started out as a straight Michael Scott analogue - little more than a well-meaning (but ineffectual) member of the Parks and Rec department - Leslie Knope transformed into one of the strongest female characters not only in sitcom history, but in the entire history of television over the course of the show's seven seasons.

After finally melting (ever so slightly) the heart of Ron Swanson with unwavering kindness and friendship, finding the perfect match (and perfect butt) in partner-in-crime Ben and eventually gaining the recognition for the countless hours of government work by being elected to the highest office in America, Leslie accomplished more than most ever will over her seven years on TV.

Throw in plenty of memorable lines, thousands of scrapbooks and an untold amount of Jerry/Gerry/Terry putdowns, and knowing everything about the best damn worker to ever grace the Parks and Recreation department is undoubtedly a hard task. It might take a couple of sleepless nights and enough sugar to put Paunch Burger out of business, but with enough preparation you might just do well enough on this quiz to make Leslie proud.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Is Number 1 On Leslie's Celebrity Sex List?


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