Parks & Recreation Quiz: How Well Do You Know Ron Swanson?

Crying: Acceptable at funerals, the Grand Canyon and failing this quiz.

Parks And Rec Ron Swanson

Parks and Recreation's first breakout character, the furrow-browed Ron Swanson provided the perfect counter-balance to Leslie Knope's unrelenting optimism, taking every opportunity to throw a wrench into political bureaucracy and assert his authority over his workplace proximity associates. Hell, he was so loved that he single-handedly made moustaches cool again.

That said, what made the character so special - especially in comparison to other staunch, no-nonsense sitcom foils - was watching him slowly embrace an alien concept like "friendship" over the course of the show's seven seasons. From shaking off his obsession with terrible women named Tammy to growing into a surrogate father for Andy, Ron's icy heart melted away, replaced with a little bit of Duke Silver tender love and affection.

Still, he remained a man who knew exactly what he was about (that being privacy, a deep hatred for government regulations and an undying love for breakfast food), revealing few things about his private life over the course of the show. Consequently, he would absolutely hate it if you knew enough to score highly on this quiz. Make him proud.

1. What Is The Name Of The Business Ron Owns In Season 7?


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