Parks & Recreation: You'll Never 100% This April Ludgate Quiz

How well do you know the Master of Deadpan?

Parks Recreation April Ludgate

What would NBC's Parks and Recreation, and indeed the sitcom world, be without the deliciously sarcastic, bleak-minded April Ludgate?

Played to nihilistic perfection by Aubrey Plaza, April's unique worldview allowed her standout amid the show's hopeful, earnest tone, even as her defenses were of course broken down over the course of the series, courtesy of Leslie, Ron, and Andy in particular.

But with Parks and Rec having been off the air for over five years now, you'd be forgiven if your character trivia was a little rusty, even for someone as obviously unforgettable as April.

As such, only the most ferocious Parks and Rec die-hards have a chance of nailing 100% on this quiz, which will test your obsessive observation skills for basically every facet of April's character.

And if nothing else, it's a fantastic excuse to revisit one of the greatest sitcoms of all time - as if you needed it.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. How Old Is April In Season 1?


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