Parks & Recreation: You'll Never 100% This Tom Haverford Quiz

How well do you know Pawnee's most confident man?


What would Parks and Recreation be without the misplaced confidence and can-do spirit of the swag-obsessed, party-loving entrepreneur Tom Haverford?

Played with a knowing cartoonishness by Aziz Ansari, Tom is in many ways every bad millennial stereotype rolled into one slick, hilarious, and sometimes offputting package.

His ambition and lack of regard for others has resulted in him getting involved in some of the series' most memorable escapades, be it his numerous failed business ventures, his inevitably doomed relationships, or his commitment to doing as little work as possible around the Parks and Rec office.

But given that Tom isn't quite an icon on the level of, say, Leslie (Amy Poehler), Ron (Nick Offerman), or Andy (Chris Pratt), you'd be forgiven for losing track of some of his most ridiculous moments across the show's run.

You'll need a frankly worrying knowledge of Tom's life and times in Pawnee to get anywhere close to 100% on this quiz.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. What Is Tom's Middle Name?


Stay at home dad who spends as much time teaching his kids the merits of Martin Scorsese as possible (against the missus' wishes). General video game, TV and film nut. Occasional sports fan. Full time loon.