Peaky Blinders Quiz: How Many Characters Do You Know?

Ace this quiz by order of the Peaky Blinders!

Peaky Blinders Tatiana Petrovna

Peaky Blinders took the world by storm when it first aired back in 2013. Over the years, the show has only grown in popularity, gaining more viewers with every passing season.

Based in Birmingham, England, the show focuses on the Shelby family, or better known the Peaky Blinders, as they deal in criminal activies and "legitimate business" all over the country.

At the head of the family, Thomas Shelby is a gangster that you can't help but root for. Always wanting to do one final job, Tommy found it difficult over the years to walk-away from the family business.

With season 6 just around the corner, fans are curious as to where the Shelby story will end. What better way to get ready for the final season than with a character quiz to remind us of all the faces we have met over the years. They may be memorable by face, but can you put a name to it?

Only a true Peaky Blinder will be able to score 100% on this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. Who Is This?


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