Peaky Blinders Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Arthur Shelby Or Thomas Shelby?

Which Shelby said it?

Peaky Blinders

It has been over three years since Thomas Shelby shot Alfie Solomons. Since then, fans have been guessing whether he actually died or is still alive. They have been guessing whether Arthur Shelby overcame all the betrayals he had been through. And most importantly, they have been guessing what future holds for the Shelby family and its leader, gangster and war veteran, Thomas Shelby.

The Devil businessman always managed to find a way out, and he owes a lot of this to his brothers, especially Arthur Shelby Jr. who was his most trusted person on earth. That’s why it was he who managed the Garrison and became a 1/3 owner of Shelby Company Limited.

Despite all the trust toward his elder brother, Tom and Arthur had an extremely complex relationship. The leader of the Birmingham criminal gang never missed a chance to mock his brother - and boy did he give him plenty of ammunition! However, the bloodline always triumphed.

Well, let’s see how well you remember the famous Shelby brothers. Only a true Peaky Blinder can score 100% on this quotes quiz!

1. "I Learnt Long Ago To Hate My Enemies, But I’ve Never Loved One Before."


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