Peaky Blinders Quotes Quiz: Who Said It - Grace Shelby Or Lizzie Shelby?

Which wife of the Thomas Shelby said it?

Peaky Blinders

While Peaky Blinders did exist, the timeline of the show and the historic facts doesn't perfectly match. However, we're not historians and we found our peace with some inaccuracies, as both the vibe and the storyline is absolutely splendid. Not to mention, the cast and their outfits.

Cillian Murphy as a leader of Birmingham criminal gang and patriarch of the Shelby Family exceeded our expectations and flirted with the line of an ideal portrayal of a gypsy heritage.

Although Thomas Shelby was mainly focused on expanding his family business and ruling Birmingham, love affairs also entered into his busy schedule. Many women tried to still his heart, but after Greta Jurossi only Grace and Lizzie made their way to the throne, becoming Mrs. Shelby.

Having totally different backgrounds, lifestyle and temperament, these two women completed the soldier and career criminal in their own unique way.

Well, let’s see how well you remember the madams of Thomas Michael Shelby. Who stands behind these lines - was it his belated wife, Grace or the former prostitute and current wife, Lizzie? Only a true fan of Peaky Blinders can score 100 % on this quiz!

1. "I Touch Myself But It's Still You Anyway, So That's Why I Put The Phone Down."


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