Peep Show Or The IT Crowd Quiz: Which Show Was It?

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When looking back at the greatest TV shows to ever come out of Britain, you will have a list that includes the likes of Only Fools And Horses, Blackadder, Not The 9 O'Clock News and many others. However, few of those shows will have the dedicated and rabid fanbases that Peep Show or The IT Crowd enjoy.

Peep Show was the creation of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, whose show followed two friends called Mark and Jez. In a kind of modern retelling of The Odd Couple, Mark was uptight and hard-working whilst Jez was a loose layabout.

The IT Crowd was the brainchild of sitcom legend Graham Linehan. This show follows the daily happenings of an IT department in a large business. Characterised as social outsiders, Moss and Roy are the computer boffins. Roy constantly bemoans his social situation and fails at getting dates, where Moss is essentially a child in adult clothing who knows a lot about computers and is easily led. Finally, Jen is their fearless leader and connection to the outside world, she is feisty, quick to aggression and has no knowledge of computers at all.

So, can you identify one show from the other? Let's see.

1. Which Show Had A Main Character Drop A Laptop In A Bath?


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