Peep Show Quiz: Finish These Super Hans Quotes

This quiz is really more-ish!

Channel 4

Peep Show follows the tedious lives of Mark Corrigan, a loan manager and his flatmate Jeremy Usborne, a music-making, drug-taking layabout. Among there friends is Super Hans, a drug obsessed nightmare that follows Jeremy around like a bad smell.

Mark's not Super Hans' biggest fan, but that doesn't stop him from becoming his best man at one of the more unexpected weddings in the show. Hans even turned up foe Christmas at Mark and Jeremy's house, albeit uninvited. Typical Hans.

Hans and Jeremy had a band together and, as you can probably imagine, didn't really have much success. The pair steal stuff, kidnap people, do drugs together, own a pub together, and of course torment Mark until he's blue in the face.

With a character as unique and wild as Super Hans, it's no doubt that he's a fan favourite. He utters some of the show's best ever lines, has some of the funniest moments, and arguably sports the best performance on the show.

Can you finish the following Super Hans quotes? Only a true Peep Show fan will score 100% on this quiz!

1. "Plumbing’s Just Lego, Inni? ____."


A grown up... allegedly