Peep Show Quiz: Who Said It – Mark, Jeremy Or Super Hans?

I’m Not Marrying Out Of Spite, I’m Marrying Out Of Fear. There’s A Very Big Difference.

Channel 4

Even now, it’s impossible not to be left chuckling to yourself when going back to revisit Peep Show.

From Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain and Andrew O’Connor, Peep Show is a masterpiece of farcical comedy that went on to become the longest-running comedy series in the history of Channel 4 before concluding in 2015. Not just that, however, for the series launched David Mitchell and Robert Webb to superstardom in the comedy stakes.

As Mark Corrigan and Jez Usborne, respectively, Mitchell and Webb took the premise and platform of Peep Show and delivered something truly special. But it wasn’t just awkward, wince-inducing Mark and cocksure, juvenile Jez who were at the heart of Peep Show, for Jez’s drug-devouring bandmate Super Hans – or Simon, to his mum and dad – was often along for the ride as hilarity ensued and scarily relatable cringey moments played out.

How well do you know Peep Show, though? And more importantly, how well do you remember the many quotable lines of dialogue from Peep Show? Hopefully your answer to both of those questions is ‘extremely well’, for we’re asking who out of Mark, Jez and Super Hans said the following quotes.

1. If Text Kisses Were Real Kisses, The World Would Be An Orgy.


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