Peep Show Series 8: 8 Reasons To Be Excited

Peep Show is returning to our screens this November, and I, for one, cannot wait. The show took a break last year, and our loveable duo, Mark and Jeremy, were sorely missed, but I know there will be plenty of fans ready to tune back in to this cult comedy program. Since it first began in 2003, we have seen Mark and Jeremy grow from a pair of socially inept man-children stumbling through life to€..well, maybe they haven€™t grown that much, but that€™s what keeps us watching. Although both have endured failed marriages, financial trouble, and plenty of awkward embarrassing moments, their return means that Peep Show continues to be the longest running sitcom in channel 4€™s broadcasting history, and deservedly so. One conversation I have had numerous times with friends is which character we would rather be: Mark or Jeremy? Although an answer is not always reached, we at least usually end up feeling a little bit happier about our own lives. Here are 8 reasons why I am looking forward to more Peep Show.
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