Person Of Interest: 4 Awesome Moments & Repercussions From 'The Devil's Share'

Person Of Interest Cover Person of Interest's 'Endgame' trilogy came to a stunning close with 'The Devil's Share', a great conclusion to what has so far been this season's best set of episodes. 'Devil's Share' upped the emotion exponentially as the team suffered through their grief and worked hard to capture Detective Carter's killer in a way that would honour her memory rather than tarnish it. There was a lot to like in this episode as it delivered great scenes and character moments. Not only that, but there are several repercussions to ponder over now that HR is done with which will surely enforce the rest of the season. Without further ado, let's take a look at the episode's best moments and what they mean for Person of Interest going forward.

4. The Opening

Person Of Interest The Opening Let's get this out of the way first. 'The Devil's Share' began with an absolutely great opening sequence. It wasted no time in hitting the audience with an emotional punch as we saw Finch and Shaw overlooking Detective Carter's funeral in silence. From there it was a great look at Shaw punching her way through criminals to find Simmons' location and Reese turning over a car of criminals, wordlessly asking one about Simmons and leaving them to die. None of this, though, would have been nearly as strong without Johnny Cash's cover of 'Hurt'. The song played beautifully over the opening. I loved how aside from the song, it was silent. No dialogue was spoken over the music, allowing 'Hurt' to play seamlessly over the action. What was also surprising was the fact they played the entire song throughout the teaser. Usually TV shows cut a song down, using only the parts they want to in order to meet the time quota or get the biggest emotional reaction from the audience, but Person of Interest was able to play all of Cash's 'Hurt'. It's a great rendition and being able to hear the whole thing as the POI team dealt with their grief in their own way as the episode started was a huge plus to the episode.

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