Person Of Interest 3.8, 'Endgame' Review

Endgame Person of Interest delivered the best episode thus far in an already impressive season as the battle between the POI team and HR reached a boiling point. In fact, by the end of the episode the situation hadn't just reached a boiling point, but the entire kettle tipped over. This is also the first in a three part event where, if producer Jonah Nolan is to be believed, one member of the POI team will bite the bullet. Several of Person of Interest's best episodes have come from its character centric stories and 'Endgame' was no different. Reese and Finch took quite a back seat throughout most of the story so the focus shined squarely on Detective Carter. She got a very strong episode of her own as she went rogue, taking HR on through the shadows and manipulating several key players. Her plan for turning HR and the Russians against each other was rather brilliant. All the patience she's shown throughout the season finally paid off as she set out to take down both the corrupt organization and the Russians. I didn't consider how much the Russians might play into her plan as it seemed HR was her primary target rather than the mob. It was a pleasant surprise then to see them figure so prominently in the dissolution of HR. Another surprise appearance was that of Elias who, two episodes in a row, got to play a part in the episode's story. I'm still wondering how Reese and Finch are going to react when they find out Carter has been secretly hiding and helping him. Something also tells me Elias is going to use this situation to his advantage in the coming episodes, making a powerful comeback to the POI world. The tension throughout the episode was very high as Carter's plan unfolded. The writers did a great job of setting up the climactic battle between Carter and HR. For a moment there I really did believe the previews were misleading the viewers and Carter wasn't going to make it out alive at the end. With Carter now on the run from HR with Reese and Quinn in their custody, Person of Interest is in a prime place to deliver a pulse pounding climax to one of the team's long-standing enemies.
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