Pilot Rundown, New Shows Coming To Primetime!

For those unable to keep up with it all, here’s a rundown of new shows we can expect to come to primetime sometime soon.

It is indeed pilot season and it was one heck of a busy week. Every major network has greenlit a slew of great (and not so great) new shows that we may be enjoying sometime soon. For those unable to keep up with it all, here€™s a rundown of new shows we can expect to come to primetime sometime soon. Quean is a new cop drama from Ileen Chaiken, executive producer and showrunner of the L word. It will focus on a rebel girl with some serious hacker skills, which she uses to help a detective get to the bottom of the crimeworld. Sounds a bit like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but with a little less spunk and a little more drama. Super Fun Night is a comedy from Rebel Wilson, with Conan O€™Brien and Jeff Ross attached as executive producers. It€™s about three female nerds who decide to have a €œsuper fun€ time every Friday night. With any luck, we might see some of the Bridesmaids cast joining. Widow Detective is a dark drama from the gal that brought you CSI, Carol Mendelsohn and writer David Hubbard. It centers on a police detective who loses several partners in the duty and decides to take care of their left-behind families. Applebaum is another drama about a bored stay-at-home dad who turns to the glamorous life of a private detective (I€™m seeing a bit of a cop procedural trend). I guess it€™s like Bored To Deathbut without all the befuddlement. NBC€™s been very active this pilot season, signing on over ten shows. As much as they try, they just can€™t seem to fill that Community gap€ We have County, a drama starring Jason Ritter about a struggling hospital in LA and the doctors and nurses that are trying to save it. Downwardly Mobile is Roseanne Burr€™s return to the (semi)spotlight. She will play a proprietor to a mobile home park and leader of all its misfit and fraught occupants. Anne Heche will be the star of Save Me, a comedy about a woman who believes that she is channeling God after she gets in an accident. I, for one, am a big fan of Heche but I€™m unsure how well she€™ll do in a serial format. Chicago Fire comes to us from Law and Order veteran Dick Wolf. As the title may suggest, it€™s a firefighter drama. Wolf always seems to deliver so let€™s see if he can do it again. Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) is going to have another go with Friday Night Dinner. It€™s about a family that sits down to dinner every Friday night and the quirkiness that ensues. If he keeps it up, Daniels may just dominate the Thursday night slot on NBC. Jimmy Fallon is putting together some untitled projectabout a group of thirtysomethings hanging out. Pardon me, but doesn€™t the League already do that phenomenally well? Next Caller Please is a comedy about a radio DJ with a bit of a misogyny streak who is joined by a feminist leaning co-host. Daddy€™s Girls will feature a young girl who comes home from a long time overseas only to find her Dad in a relationship with a mean girl from her past. And finally, Community writer Hilary Winston will have a go at an untitled project about a shy woman who seeks revenge on a fiancé that dumped her, with a little help from co-workers and friends. In Crisis is a drama from Shonda Rhimes. It will star Kerry Washington (Ray, Boston Legal) as a fierce female lead whose job it is to fix people€™s lives. Henry Ian Cusik (Lost) will also star. Smothered is a comedy penned by Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen about a married couple who have to deal with the constant interruption of both sets of parents, who hardly get along. ABC also threw their hat into the much contested Beauty and the Beast game. ABC€™s version is still a bit unclear, but it will focus on a mythical world, where Belle goes to Beast for help. Jonathan Steinberg (Jericho) has signed on as executive producer. Fox has kept it simple this pilot season, turning to Cougartown and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence to write a semi-autobiographical show about his relationship with his father, entitled Like Father. Prodigy Bully may also be coming soon from actor and writer Mike O€™Malley (Glee, Parenthood). The comedy focuses on a young boy with the brains and brawn to get whatever he wants. John Wells and Paris Barclay, who work with O€™Malley on Glee, will also be joining as executive producers. The CW has their own version of Beauty and the Beast, based on the 80€™s romantic drama starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, but with a €œprocedural twist€ (whatever that means). Arrow is a modern take on DC character Green Arrow, who in my opinion, doesn€™t get enough exposure. It does not have any official affiliation with Smallville. Speculation abounds. First Cut is a dramedy about a young female doctor. It is being written by Gilmore Girls producer Jennie Snyder Urman, so I€™m sure we can expect the same blend of sentimentality and ironic humor. The Carrie Diaries is a much anticipated Sex and the City prequel which follow Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the original) in her early teenage years. It will be produced by Gossip Girls executive producers, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. That€™s about all for now, though if I missed something let me know. But I€™m sure that there are plenty more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

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