Pokemon Quiz: Locations - Real Or Fake?

You want to be the very best? See if you can master this quiz first!


Through many episodes in the series, a good number of movies appearing at cinemas and a plethora of games across many platforms, the Pokemon franchise has gained a humongous following!

Pokemon Go was the biggest and most recent gravitating pull towards the franchise for fans, allowing them to experience the thrill of catching Pokemon in your own world. You could even find Pokemon around your own home! This is a mobile game that appears to move in and out of relevancy and although it has an active fan base still, time will tell for its longevity.

Something that Pokemon Go players didn't get to experience was the many beautiful, exciting or thrilling locations to visit over the different regions in the game and television series. How many of these places did you manage to visit? Can you tell if the following are real or fake?

Answers are at the end!

1. Bond Bridge.


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