QUIZ: Guess The Full Names Of These 15 US TV Characters

So what's in a name?

The A Team Mr T

Some folks get casual enjoyment out of watching their favorite television shows, particularly their treasured or despised TV characters in general. However, casual TV watching for some viewers is not just acceptable. Somehow, the completion involved in watching your show or the show's characters is this deep curiosity to know more details about your fictional favorites on the small screen.

Indeed, it often takes a while for TV watchers to cozy up to their loved or loathed television characters. They say that solid friendships begin with getting to know a person's name. Sound reasonable, right? Well, this can be applied to the TV characters that we know informally based on popularized nicknames, titles, etc. So the question remains: what would it be like if we drew a complete picture as to who characters were behind their convenient aliases?

Sure, it is kind of intriguing to familiarize yourself with a character you have known quite sometime named "Mad Dog". But how would he be perceived if he went by his given name "Cecil Bennginton Cheswick III"? Would he be the same character personality-wise or not?

So let's test you TV-related I.Q. to see if you are one of those viewers with the wondering mind about original monikers, okay?

1. What Is Buddy's Full Name From Family?


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