Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know The Arrowverse?

The very best that DC can give to the small screen.

The CW

It's incredible to see a show like Arrow grow into its own television brand. While Marvel may rule the big screen, they can't hold a candle to the small screen phenomena that is DC's Arrowverse.

From 2012's grounded series about a man on a mission of justice for the city he loves, slowly but surely, the show made way for new characters with exciting possibilities. The Flash offered us the fun and hopeful superhero that Arrow couldn't give, the Legends of Tomorrow gave a much zanier and "out-there" experience through time travel, and eventually Supergirl told the story of an alien embracing her Kryptonian heritage like her cousin before her.

Where Batman v Superman and Justice League failed on the silver screen, the Arrowverse has triumphed in droves, offering interesting stories, spectacular action, and most importantly, characters that you can't help but root for. And while it may have its low moment's, Oliver Queen and Co. consistently produce must-see TV season after season.

With so many characters and stories both behind and in front of the screen, there's so much to know about the jewel in the CW's crown. Here's 15 questions, let's see if you hit bullseye!

1. How Long Did Oliver Queen Spend On Lian Lu (Flashback And Present Day)?


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