Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Flash?

Can you catch up to The Fastest Man Alive before Season 5 debuts?

The CW

When you are the fastest person alive, you can cover a lot of ground in 4 years. Since The Flash debuted in 2014 we've seen the adventures of Barry Allen and his crimson-suited alter-ego take some crazy turns.

The Scarlet Speedster has chased the woman of his dreams, waged war on evil super-intelligent gorillas, duelled a wicked magician, raced sinister speedsters, and twisted up the timeline more times than he cares to think about. Is your head spinning yet?

The 5th season of The Flash will soon take off from the starting line, so here's a quiz to get you primed and up to speed for the premiere.

1. What Caused The Unusual Lightning Strike That Gave Barry Allen Super-speed?


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