Ranking The 20 Best Arrowverse Costumes

19. Black Canary (Dinah Drake)

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Arriving on the scene in Arrow's fifth season, Dinah Drake is the latest new character to take up the seemingly interchangeable mantle of the Black Canary. Initially introduced as an undercover cop, the screaming lady proved herself as a valuable asset to Team Arrow and was eventually given the iconic moniker that Laurel Lance left behind - and with it, came a new costume.

Though she initially began fighting crime in nothing more than street clothes and a domino mask (not the best idea, D), Dinah was finally gifted with her own suit just in time for the Season 6 premiere.

This all-black segmented outfit is accompanied by yellow trims that clearly pay tribute to the Black Canary's look from DC's New 52 comics and it's undoubtedly efficient, making her appear every bit as formidable as she is.

While it's not the best Canary costume that the show has ever produced, it's certainly a much better fit for the character than her street clothes ever were and is also satisfyingly different from the iterations that came before.

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