Ranking The 20 Best Arrowverse Costumes

20. Wild Dog (Arrow Seasons 5 & 7)

The CW

Though the Arrow writers may have reinvented Wild Dog's origins to make him more of a fit for the show's New Team Arrow-centric fifth season, his appearance couldn't have been more comic accurate. Consisting of little more than a jersey and a hockey mask, Rene Ramirez's uniform looked like it had been ripped from the pages of the character's gritty comic books.

The costume's appeal was that it wasn't a larger-than-life uniform designed to inspire hope (like most Arrowverse costumes), it was a simple and subtle design that complemented the character's street fighting background. He was a radical vigilante born of violent crime that was willing to do whatever it took to protect the streets of Star City - and that's exactly the kind of vibe that his eclectic uniform gave us.

It's an iconic look that remains far superior to the bland armoured-revamp he was given in Season 6, which is why it was such a pleasant surprise to see it return in Season 7.

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