Red Dwarf Season 11 Confirmed With Filming Date

red dwarf Great news for fans of comedy science-fiction series Red Dwarf as an eleventh series is a reality. It has been a year and a half since the end of Red Dwarf X and news of a follow-up has been few and far between, with the last piece of news coming in January when John-Jules said that a series was being written. A big update came during the Sci-Fi Scarborough convention on Saturday a Red Dwarf panel comprised of Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn confirmed the news. John-Jules said that shooting is scheduled to get under-way in October 2014 with a view to being aired on Dave in Autumn 2015. The panel were also asked about their favourite episodes with Llewellyn and John-Jules voicing their jealousy of not being part of 'Marooned' causing Barrie to joke that their absence is what made it such a strong episode. Llewellyn personally enjoyed shooting 'Lemons' because of the variety of smells, citing that cinnamon was much better than the usual smell of wet paint. Questioned about the fan favourite opening to 'Tongue Tied' John-Jules said that he had tremendous fun and that the looks of jealousy from Charles and Barrie were legitimate, as was him being oblivious to them because he was having too much fun doing his routine but said that they all worked perfectly for the characters personalities. Barrie laughed at the thought of being able to re-enact it saying that he couldn't even remember his routine on the day. Speaking about the wardrobe and make-up, Llewellyn being thankful that the application of the silicon Kryten mask has reduced over time from the original 8 hours to a much shorter 2 hour process, while Barrie enjoyed only needing to put a H on his forehead. John-Jules also revealed that he didn't get to keep any of The Cat's outfits, a fact he was thankful for asking "Could you imagine wearing one of those in the streets?"
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