Release Date for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Confirmed

At long last! But will Netflix release it weekly or drop it all at once?

Season 2 Star Trek Prodigy
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As if the road to Earth in-universe hadn't been bumpy enough, it was in the real-world that the galaxy's most loveable Rok-Tahk and ragtag band of Academy hopefuls, now warrant officers-in-training, would face their greatest challenge. Despite a spectacular first season, and the fact that the show had already been renewed for a by then mostly completed second season, Star Trek: Prodigy was summarily cancelled and removed from Paramount+ in June 2023.

It would take an outcry like only Star Trek fans know how to produce, including Tweets, a petition, and an actual plane (!), for Prodigy to find a new home on Netflix. We got the extra present under the tree of season one to (re-)stream on 25th December, but since then, we've been waiting to hear when we'll be able to unwrap season two. The wait is finally over! Netflix has listed today that Prodigy's second season will be arriving on 1st July (2024). We have reached out to the show's representatives to confirm and are currently awaiting reply.

With suddenly less than a month to go, the natural question on everyone's lips is equally whether Netflix will drop season two in its entirety on day one, release episodes weekly, or send it out in halves of 10. Netflix has a tendency of doing mostly the first, or sometimes the very last, of those options. Either would be unprecedented for a Star Trek first broadcast/stream — historically a one, occasionally two, per week affair. Uncharted territory might be the essence of Starfleet, but such a change would make for an uneasy experiment in Trek viewing figures. In any case, given the fact that we had to bid a bittersweet farewell to Star Trek: Discovery only last week, it certainly feels good to be gifted more Trek so soon.

For season two, and indeed Prodigy as a series, to have the staying power that we all want it to have, the 'traditional' weekly release would certainly be the best option. Somewhat more selfishly, that would also mean we here at TrekCulture could go about our Ups & Downs as usual, rather than having to review the new season as a whole no doubt. It does seem likely, however, that we'll be getting the 'all-in-one-go' approach. Netflix has prior with its streaming model, and so has All 20 episodes of Prodigy's second season were uploaded by the French national broadcaster on 22 March 2024 — a "miscommunication" that came as a surprise to everyone, even the French fans, and even to the series' creators Dan and Kevin Hageman.

Season one of Prodigy ended in a sublime Supernova, and season two looks set to outshine it. We are already thoroughly hyped and teased by the extended first look clip at episode one of the second season, in which, and minor spoiler alert, The Doctor, "dear friend of the Admiral […] and hero of the Delta Quadrant," steps out of a shuttle to greet our officers-in-training. Then, there was just that teeny tiny reveal of the VOYAGER-A!!

Back in December 2023, Seán and Ellie also spoke to the Hageman brothers and managed to pull from them this yet greater bit of information: "There are bigger characters than The Doctor in season two that are not Voyager-related," said Dan Hageman. For the most plural of teases, we will have to be plural in number when watching. Fans might have #SavedStarTrekProdigy, but we can't rest on our laurels if we want a third season. See you on 1st July! It's Murfin' time!


Jack Kiely is a writer with a PhD in French and almost certainly an unhealthy obsession with Star Trek.