Rick And Morty: 10 Best Jerry Moments (So Far)

Jerry Smith is far more than the punching bag he's usually made out to be.

Rick And Morty Jerry
Adult Swim

Throughout most of Rick and Morty, Jerry Smith is treated as an easy target for jokes by practically the entire cast. Rick blames Jerry for ruining his daughter Beth's life by getting her pregnant with Summer accidentally at 17, and the rest of the family simply views him as pathetic, mostly only keeping him around out of pity.

However, Jerry is not always the sad, submissive, and jealous guy that he's made out to be. In the heat of the moment, Jerry's shown that he's fully capable of doing what needs to be done.

Just dealing with the insanity that Rick puts the family through would be enough to scare away most people, but Jerry not only stands up to Rick, he has also narrowly escaped death more than a few times in his life and wielded power beyond anything most normal humans could achieve.

So, today, let's try to clear Jerry's name by going over the best Jerry moments in Rick and Morty so far.

10. Becoming A Movie Star (In An Alternate Reality)

Rick And Morty Jerry
Adult Swim

In the early episode Rixty Minutes, Rick, annoyed by how mundane television is, decides to install inter-dimensional cable for the first time.

After flipping through the channels for a while, the family sees what appears to be Jerry on David Letterman being interviewed. They find out later that in this universe both Jerry and Beth were actually able to accomplish their dreams because they weren't sidetracked by the birth of Summer during highschool.

Jerry is shown "hanging out" with Johnny Depp and starring in various big movies, which gets the family to discuss how things may have gone different without Summer and Morty in the picture.

While Jerry may have still been unhappy all those years without Beth in his life, this episode shows that given different circumstances, Jerry has the talent and drive to be an extremely successful actor. Plus, he gets back with Beth in the end anyways, so win-win for Jerry!


Marcus Fry is a writer for WhatCulture and an amateur filmmaker.