Rick And Morty And Futurama Quiz: Who Said It - Beth Or Leela?

Which animal loving lady was it?

Futurama Rick and Morty
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Despite both being animated shows, Rick and Morty and Futurama are different in many ways.

While Rick and Morty is extremely graphic and brutal, Futurama is much more family-friendly and has a more optimistic outlook on life. Similarities can be seen however in many of the shows characters.

Both shows boast quite a collection of memorable characters but two that are often heavily compared are Professor Farnsworth and Rick Sanchez. They are both white lad coat-wearing scientists who love inventions. Two other characters who share a lot of similarities however are Beth and Leela. They are both intelligent, they are both ambitious, and they are both extremely complex.

Beth and Leela have provided some incredible quotes over the years and today we want to test just how well you really know these animal loving ladies.

The following fifteen quotes were either spoken by Beth from Rick and Morty or Leela from Futurama. Can you correctly identify who said what? Let's find out.

All the correct answers will be shown at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. "Well, You're Supposed To Put Elbow Grease Into Your Daughter!"


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