Rick And Morty Quiz: Rick Sanchez – Is It A Lie?

Sometimes science is more art than science.

Rick and Morty Doctor Who reference

Rick and Morty is one of the most iconic TV shows ever made. It's a story about a genius alcoholic scientist and his dimwitted grandson and is a real cultural phenomenon that is watched all over the world.

Each episode tells the adventures of the brilliant and cynical Rick Sanchez, a scientist who invented a portal gun and used it to move through time and space. He constantly gets involved in various altercations while traveling to other worlds, spaces, and dimensions. Moreover, the adventures themselves are always non-standard and even a little repulsed, with a touch of trash.

The plot follows Rick's monstrous selfishness as he drags his grandson on his missions. Rick embarks on these missions partly for the hedonistic pleasure of using science and technology to dominate others, and partly to convince Morty of the meaninglessness of life. Meanwhile, Rick remains a wretched man in depression, who hides self-hatred behind his cynicism and is on the verge of suicide.

Well, for now, let's remember Rick and Morty's adventures and guess whether the following statements about Rick are true or whether they are made up.

1. Rick’s Full Name Was Riccardo.


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