Rick And Morty Quiz: Who Said It - Rick Or Morty?

Which inter-dimensional explorer said it - genius/mad scientist Rick Or his insecure grandson Morty?

Adult Swim

Unless you’ve been living under a Rick, you’re probably one of the millions of fans currently obsessed with the adult cartoon Rick and Morty, a show that defies all expectations following the adventures of an alcoholic genius and his fearful grandson across all bounds of logic, time and space.

The fan-favourite show is perhaps the most intelligent philosophical exploration on nihilistic optimism and the search for meaning in the infinite expanse of possibilities, despair, and drama that is life in the multiverse. You might think you know what’s about to come next, but there’s always a new character, a plot twist, a planet or universe that you could never have predicted. It is also full of ink-black humour and dirty jokes but ultimately, isn’t that what life’s about?

So grab your nearest Morty (please do not channel Jerry on this quiz though or you will definitely fail), head into an alternate dimension, and find some cool aliens! It’s time for some outlandish, funny and ingenious Rick and Morty quotes.

Beware only the Rickest of Ricks will be able to pass!

Answers are at the end!

1. "Weddings Are Basically Funerals With A Cake."

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