Ricky Gervias Rejoins Twitter

Mostly with musings about Karl Pilkington's funny shaped head and the daft things he says!

With being away the last week I hadn't noticed but it seems Ricky Gervaisrejoined twitter on Thursday (29th September) starting with the sheepish tweet "Hello. Anybody There?" and is now twittering away like a kid with a new toy at Christmas. Dozens of updates have gone live in the last few days as he can't seem to get enough of his new plaything but I wonder what made him rejoin after quitting the social media service over 18 months ago after not really understanding or getting it. His previous tweet before last week was written on January 9th 2010 with; "I am sorry, but I am going to stop these tweets because I don't see the point. Please follow my blog at rickygervais.com". Judging by the frequent tweets quoting the daft things Karl Pilkington is saying, maybe he has rejoined because he just wants another device to chronicle the priceless and down-right hilarious and stupid things that rounded headed twonk says before Ricky forgets them? Or maybe it was to further help An Idiot Abroad 2's ratings on Sky 1 HD but that seems unlikely as it's killing it already. I'm guessing it's because the man wants to win another bloody award and go down in the Guinness Book of Records with the most twitter followers. I bet you that is the reason. Currently the bonkers pop singer Lady Gaga has the most followers on twitter with 140,807,89 but with Ricky's global popularity where his podcasts are consistently the most listented to of any and with the help of Karl Pilkington, I'm certain it won't take him long to break into the top 10 and possibly beyond if he keeps up twittering at the rate he is. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad for another avenue to hear more about Karl and Ricky. Though I use twitter assbackwards as like Ricky's former self... I don't really get it either. What I do is bookmark the dozen or so people I care to hear from like you would a website and visit their pages every now and then. Totally not what twitter is about but it works for me! Discuss: Do you use Twitter? Will you be following Ricky Gervais? Should Karl Pilkington start-up his own twitter?
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