Riverdale: 10 Craziest Moments (So Far)

Amidst all the serial killers and cults, it's easy to forget that these kids go to high school.

The CW

When Riverdale first appeared on our screens in 2016, no one could have predicted how much darkness would be drawn to this small, all-American town. The murder of Jason Blossom horrified Riverdale's residents, but this simple whodunnit was just a warm-up for all the craziness to come.

Riverdale is now home to serial killers, gang wars, and an organ-stealing cult. It's a show that must sound bizarre to non-watchers - and that's not unfair. Even those of us who watch the show are still wondering how that whole Gargoyle King debacle happened.

You may be asking yourself how so many bad things can happen in such a small town, but the real question is how can these high-schoolers cope with it all? Now into its fourth season, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead have somehow managed to make it into their senior year. With ominous flash-forwards teasing that they may have murdered Jughead, will they ever graduate? Or are we being played?

There is no doubt that Riverdale has plenty more bizarre moments up its sleeve. For now, let's recount the 10 craziest moments on the show so far...

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