Riverdale: 8 Biggest Questions We Have For Season 4

Is Jughead really dead?

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Riverdale is no stranger to baffling its viewers, and its third season was the perfect example of that.

A season that revolved around both a satanic cult that worshipped a demonic, seemingly supernatural entity known as the Gargoyle King, and a literal cult called The Farm that was ruled by an unnerving charismatic leader, it took the show into its most unusual territory yet and resulted in some of the most bewildering storylines to grace TV screens all year.

It's true that a lot of the material was questionable (and not in a good way), but it allowed Riverdale to once again succeed in its mission to keep viewers on the edges of their seats as they awaited the next bizarre twist that was destined to come and, if anything, it built towards a highly-impressive finale that tied the vast majority of the story up in a surprisingly satisfying way.

That being said, the finale left us with a number of burning questions, and a cliffhanger that is making the wait for Season 4 feel a lot longer than it actually is. With that in mind, let's channel our best Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper and explore the question marks that still hang over Riverdale.

Please be aware, this post contains heavy SPOILERS for Riverdale season 3.

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