Riverdale Or Teen Wolf Quiz: Who Said It - Jughead Or Stiles?

Sarcastic best friends save the day in small TV towns, but which one said these gems?


We all need a best friend to watch our back, give us a helping hand and get us out of trouble. And there are few characters on television that embody that loyalty quite like Riverdale’s Jughead Jones and Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinski.

This efficient duo are known for providing their respective best friends with the compassion, honesty, help and tough love they often need, making them arguably the most efficient characters on those shows.

With Jughead, he solves every mystery the town of Riverdale throws at him, often giving the show’s protagonist, Archie Andrews, the solutions to the many problems he unwittingly creates for himself. Teen Wolf’s Scott McCall may not be as haphazard as Archie, but he’s every bit as reliant on his best friend Stiles - who embraces the supernatural craziness that Beacon Hills sends his way.

Both quirky and serious, Jughead and Stiles are the answers to their shows’ many questions, making them arguably their most important (and popular) characters - characters who also often gift them with some much-needed levity in the darkest of times.

That said, can you deduce which teenage detective spawned these unforgettable lines? Let’s find out...

Answers at the end!

1. "You Called The Police Before You Called Me?"


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