Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Toni Topaz?

From Serpent by blood to First Lady of Riverdale High, how well do you know Toni Topaz?

Riverdale Toni Topaz
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First introduced as a recurring character in Riverdale's second season, Toni Topaz, played by Vanessa Morgan, quickly became one of the show's most popular supporting players. Toni is the one to show Jughead Jones the ropes after he is transferred to Southside High in season two, drawing him deeper into the world of the Southside Serpents. She is also the one who begins to convince him that the Serpents are more than the gang of low-lifes and criminals that they had been portrayed as up until that point, and that there is more to the Southside than he had been lead to believe.

However, Toni's storyline really kicked into gear after she and the other Southside Serpents are forced to transfer to Riverdale High after their original school is shut down. There, after a few teething problems between the Serpents and the existing students, Toni eventually finds her place in Riverdale, falling in love with Queen Bee Cheryl Blossom and becoming one half of 'Choni', one of Riverdale's most beloved power couples.

Before we see what life has in store for her after Riverdale's upcoming season five time jump, test your knowledge on all things Toni Topaz with our tough quiz!

1. How Does Toni Topaz Introduce Herself To Jughead Jones?


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