Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 3?

Only the best detective could solve this mystery.

The CW

Few shows love a good mystery more than Riverdale.

In a mere three seasons, the CW's thriller has captivated audiences as it has exposed the residents of an unsuspecting town to the dark secrets that lie in its past and the grave danger that lies in its future - and that was especially the case in the show's third season.

Having already dealt with the death of a beloved student and a serial killer in the two previous years, the team of Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge came together once again in order to solve the great mystery of the deadly Gargoyle King.

It was undoubtedly a gripping story, full of intimidating rituals, but just how closely were you paying attention to the details? Can you recall everything that went down in Season 3, or is this mystery too much for even you to solve? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Name Of The Life-Threatening Game That Gripped The Town?


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