Riverdale Quiz: Who Killed Who?

Riverdale is a place that's full of victims, but can you remember the killers?

Riverdale Midge Death
The CW

The CW's adaptation of the classic Archie comics has become an entity in itself in the world of television.

Riverdale's popularity is profound, and the series has run now for a full four seasons, with the fifth currently underway. While the show has certainly had its ups and downs, there is one aspect that has remained consistent - the amount of murder.

This quiet little town certainly doesn't feel safe, as the rates of death and crime within it are obscene. Part of what makes the series so interesting is that despite being a teenage school drama at heart, the show is more of a violent murder mystery with plenty of guts and gore.

With all of the killing that's occurred in the town of Riverdale, it can become a little tough to recall every single one. Therefore, for most of these poor victims, you might not even manage to identify who took their lives away.

Think of this quiz as a perfect way to test your Riverdale skills because if you like to believe you're a fanatic of the show, this is an excellent opportunity to prove it.

As can be expected, this quiz will be filled to the brim with spoilers.

1. Who Killed Midge Klump?


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