Riverdale Season 3: 3 Ups & 4 Downs From 'The Dark Secret Of Harvest House'

The Gargoyle King's true identity has finally been revealed!

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Contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 3, Episode 21.

Riverdale's third season has been built upon not one but two mysterious cults - one worshipping the charismatic leader Edgar Evernever, the other worshipping an evil monster known only as the Gargoyle King.

The season's penultimate episode, 'The Dark Secret of Harvest House', split its time evenly in regards to both entities as it was devoted to giving us some long-awaited answers about The Farm's true motivations while also apparently revealing the identity of the Gargoyle King.

Betty's arrival at The Farm allowed her to investigate the institution up-close and personal and, in doing so, she discovered that it was harvesting human organs. Elsewhere, Jughead helped Ethel overcome her Gargoyle-centric fears and, as a reward, learned that the King is an old acquaintance (on whom the show was built). Finally, Archie Andrews and Hiram Lodge attempted to end their saga once and for all as they battled inside a boxing ring.

All in all, 'The Dark Secret of Harvest House' was effective in providing us with answers but, given that they were as radical as we've come to expect from Riverdale, it was simply a case of shock value over substance.

First, the positives.

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