Riverdale Season 3 Premiere: 5 Ups & 3 Downs From 'Labor Day'

Riverdale is back. And so is its magic.

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Contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 3, Episode 1.

It might've been a long hot summer for the residents of the eponymous town, but for Archie Andrews the cold is beginning to set in as the young man faces a future behind bars in the third season premiere of Riverdale.

Hiram Lodge's horrid plan to rid Archie from both his and his daughter's life was set in motion during last season's finale, and Labor Day wastes little time in throwing us in at the deep end. The summer has past, and now Archie faces the consequences of his decision to betray Hiram. With his mom fighting his corner in court, the red-headed protagonist is given a chance to enjoy one last weekend with his best friends while the jury deliberates over his fate.

Elsewhere, Jughead faces a few trials and tribulations of his own as new king of the Serpents, and things go from bad to worse when an old enemy rears her ugly head. The Coopers are trying their best to move on from the events of last season, which proves difficult for Betty - especially due to her sister Polly's meddling behaviour.

For those that managed to stick with the show after the extremely disappointing second season, your faith might just be rewarded, because Labor Day is a vast improvement on what came before.

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