Riverdale: You'll Never Get 100% On This Archie And Veronica Quiz

How well do you really know Archie and Veronica from Riverdale?

Riverdale Archie

KJ Apa and Camila Mendes play the role of Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge in the incredibly popular American teen drama, Riverdale.

The series is based on the characters of Archie Comics and first aired on The CW network on 26 January, 2017.

Within a short span of time, these two soon became the most prominent characters on the show. Apart from being friends, the two have been entangled in a dramatic, yet romantic relationship since the very first episode.

No matter how hard they both tried to be with each other, some hurdles always seemed to appear to try and break them apart. However, if there's one thing to know about Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, it's that they never give up, on anything!

With that said, these two have proven that they are a true couple of Riverdale, but can you prove that you're a true fan of them?

If you think you can, then this is your chance to prove how much you have been paying attention over the last four years. Can you score 100% on this Archie and Veronica quiz?

Answers at the end!

1. What Kind Of Milkshakes Do Both Archie And Veronica Like?


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