Samuel L. Jackson Destroys Reporter Who Mistook Him For Laurence Fishburne

"I've had it with these m*****f*****' journalists on this m*****f*****' show!" – Samuel L. Jackson, presumably.

Samuel L. Jackson has once again shown journalists he's not to be messed with by chewing out a television anchor who mistook him for Laurence Fishburne live on TV. Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin was interviewing Jackson about his new film Robocop on Los Angeles Morning Show KTLA on Monday when he made the gaffe €“ listing the actor's accomplishments, he included a Kia Superbowl commercial which featured Fishburne, not the Django Unchained star. Presumably sick of all the 'I loved you in The Matrix' jokes, the man who made swearing and snake-planes even more awesome proceeded to take Rubin to task over the mistake, making sure his adversary felt all sorts of awkward. "I€™m not Laurence Fishburne,€ he said. "We don€™t all look alike! We may be black and famous, but we don€™t all look alike!" Deeply embarrassed, Rubin attempted to get back to talking about Robocop, but Jackson wasn't quite done tormenting him. Rubin said "Let€™s talk about Robocop," to which Jackson replied: "Oh, hell no! Really? Really?" The actor then turned the screw by listing famous black actors, and how Rubin should tell them apart. "There€™s more than one black guy doing commercials," he said. "I€™m the €˜What€™s in your wallet?€™ black guy," Jackson said, referencing his Capital One commercials. "He€™s the car black guy €” Morgan Freeman is the other credit card black guy. You only hear his voice though, so you probably won€™t confuse him with Laurence Fishburne." He then knocked it out the park with one final zinger, saying: €œI€™ve actually never done a McDonald€™s or Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. I know that€™s surprising." A visibly rattled Rubin then moved on with the interview, telling Jackson how highly he regards his Robocop co-stars Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman €” but it just went from bad to worse for the anchor, as the actor mocked him once more over his earlier mistake. "You do know who they all are though, right?" he said. "Just in case they have some of them on the show. Do some work. Do some research. Make sure you don't confuse them with those other white actors." Rubin has since apologised to Jackson, re-affirming that he does in fact know who the movie superstar is. "I really pride myself on the fact that unlike a lot of people who do this kind of work, more often than not I really do know what I'm talking about," he said. "But I didn't 30 minutes ago and I'm really embarrassed about it, and I very much apologize to Samuel L. Jackson and anyone else who was offended for what was a very amateur mistake."
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