Scandal: 5 Theories For Season 3

Scandal Prpic It's the must-see political soap drama that has more assassinations, murders, political espionage, Oval Office-based entanglements and 70s musical cues that any other show out there. 'Scandal' is back for its third season after becoming a surprise smash hit for 'Grey's Anatomy' creator Shonda Rhimes. So, the second season did leave a lot of mystery and intrigue out there after wrapping up some pretty massive and major plotlines and giving us some breathing room. Now that the team is back to basics under the leadership of PR crisis consultant Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), everyone's wondering just what Season 3 can give the viewers. Every viewer has their own theories, some fairly logical and some pretty far out there (musical episode anyone?), but nonetheless, here are my top five theories about what very well could happen in this season of 'Scandal'.
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