Schitt’s Creek: Progressively Easier David Rose Quiz

David Rose might be a fan of jumpers, but how big of a fan are you of the man himself?

Schitt's Creek David
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Schitt's Creek, despite its name is a wonderful place and one of the people who makes it just so extra special is David Rose.

David and the rest of the Roses find themselves thrown from their wealthy New York apartment lifestyle into the slightly run down Schitt's Creek motel life. Despite their obvious differences the townspeople of Schitt's Creek welcome them with open arms, helping the family find a home and happiness.

David is self depricating, anxious and generally isn't really a people person. He quickly becomes firm friends with Stevie Budd, who kind of feels the same as David about social interaction. His black and white style is heavily influenced by his mother Moira Rose... as is his love of wine.

With his cutting wit and humour make it hard to not fall in love with David. The question is how much do you know about the David?

Can you recall his cooking with Moira? Do you know what he did both before and after he found his way to Schitt's Creek?

We've come up with a quiz to test the biggest David Rose fans. If you can make it though the first few questions you should find this quiz as easy as Cafe Tropical's pie. Good luck!

1. Who Does David Lose His Virginity To?


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